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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Chairman of Chinese Nationalist Party is going to visit China

Sixty-four years ago, my grandfather was killed by Chinese Nationalist sodiers. He died on his way home just having finished some sewing work to feed his family. He left behind my grandmother who was 32 years old,and was pragnant with my younger uncle, my father (three years old), and two elder uncles (five and seven years older separately) in impovirished countryside. He was kill only because he was suspected as a  Communist, but actually he was not. The pain persisted for a long time in my family. I blelieve that my father's depression  could be traced to his childhood without love and protection from my grandfather.
Now after being driven out of mainland China for fifty six years and no contact with Chinese Communist Party for sixty years, the chairman, Mr. Lien Chan will visit China on April 26. The Nationalist losed their power for five years in Taiwan, the Republic of China. He will meet Hu Jintao, the Chairman of Chinese Communist Party and also the president of the People's Republic of China. And he will be hosted as a national leader.I applaude this visit.


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